About Us? No Way!

About Us You

This page should really be called “About YOU”.  Why?  Because that’s why we’re here… to take care of you and your business’ needs. You really don’t care about our founder’s bio or when the company was started, do you?  You want to know that we can help make your business better.  We can.  You want to know that we can help more people find your business online.  We can do that too.

So yes, Winning Play Marketing was started by a guy named David Lowitz.  It wasn’t on a whim.  David has spent every year since 1990 helping his customers do more of whatever it is they’ve been trying to do.  You see, not everyone has the same goals.  Some businesses are concerned with building their databases, others want help making their phones ring.  Still others want more walk-in traffic at their brick and mortar locations while another wants help with their overall branding message.

Doesn’t it all make sense now?  “About Us” has always been “About YOU”.  The only question now is:  How can Winning Play Marketing Help You?