Who's Getting the Groceries? Us or You?

Content Creation

9 times out of 10, when a client tells us “No problem, we’ll send you all the content for the site” we end up feel like dentists trying to pull teeth from a clenched jaw patient. Let’s be real. You’re busy running your business. If you had time to write your own content for your website and online directory listings, you’d have done it already.

No problem though! Our team is ready, willing and able to work with you so that we can then create game winning content. Of course, part of this process includes doing a thorough interview with you so that we can assess and gather the most important copy points for your site.

Words are great, but pictures tell 1000 words!  We’ll work with you to help you get the best, licensed imagery for your site.  No, you can’t just Google images and add them to your site.  Yes, its true that you can be fined (big bucks) for using unlicensed imagery.

So think of us as your “website chefs”.  We’ll make dinner for you, but first we have to get all the groceries. Of course, you have the option to provide your own groceries.  Doing so will cut down on the time and effort our team expends, so it will also reduce your overall investment. (Although it will require an investment of your time to create the content.)