Your Online Presence Goes Far Beyond Your Website

Be consistent. Be everywhere. Be found.

Your online presence is much more important than you think.

When we ask clients to describe their online presence most give us the same answer. “We have a website. It’s not so good / average / great.” They all think that “online presence” means “your company website”. They’re wrong. Dead wrong.

True, your online presence starts with your website, but it certainly doesn’t end there. If your online presence is a suit, your website is just a shirt. Directory sites, review sites, social sites, local listings pages, video sites… your company needs to be listed everywhere. So let’s say you only have a website and there’s nothing more to your online presence but you were able to get a listing on the front page of the relevant Google search results. Congratulations! You’re so happy! OK, great, you’ve got a listing. A single listing. Wouldn’t two be better? Wouldn’t four or five really be awesome? No, I’m not saying that we can guarantee you multiple Page 1 listings. But I can tell you that with the work we do for you to bolster your online presence and get your company info on dozens and dozens of directory, review and social sites, you will have a VERY good shot at having multiple first page listings!

Are you ready to see how your company’s online presence really looks? Fill in your company’s information in our analysis tool and take a look.